Product: Pizzazz Pizza Oven
MODEL: 03430 2700h
NO: 01
Date Reviewed: January 29, 2004
Written By: Webmaster Christopher Beley

Who doesn’t like pizza? Well, actually I know one person who doesn’t like pizza, but anyways if you make pizza a lot this pizza maker would be a very good buy for many reasons. I will first start off by talking about how it works… 

When opening the box I noticed 3 major things: the pizza maker itself, the pizza tray, and the instructions. After looking at the instructions it took about a minute or 2 to set up, so this earns my approval in simplicity. First you clean the pan (well you don’t have to, but I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to), then you center a pizza (homemade or store bought) on the pizza pan, and after that you have to snap the pizza pan into the Pizza Maker, and finally you set you cooking settings and how long you want it to cook for…13 minutes later you have a tasty pizza waiting to be eaten:-) So now that you know how it works, I’ll now talk about some of the annoyances I had with this. 

Products like this usually seem to have something about them that is just plain annoying, and that thing is getting the Pizza Pan snapped into the Pizza Maker. At first you will probably have trouble getting the pan to snap in so it spins (which means it was put in right) and this can be very annoying, however, once you get the hang of it (which doesn’t take long) you will only have that problem occasionally. Other than this, there doesn’t seem to be anything else wrong with it. Also, I must note, that I have never had to use the reset button on it (according to the instruction manual it will sometimes overheat) and I have used it about 15 or more times now (you can see I like pizza a lot. LOL.) Now I will talk about the many good things about this pizza maker. 

First of all, as I already stated, it isn’t hard to learn at all and most people will figure out how to use it within a few minutes. Good thing #2 is that it is faster than cooking a pizza in an oven. This is because you have to preheat an oven and this does not require preheating (in fact, you should never try to “preheat” the Pizza Oven, for this could ruin it). So, a normal pizza takes around 13 minutes to cook (same time as an oven), however, since there is preheating with a oven, it takes around 20 minutes to cook a pizza in the oven. Finally, clean up is a breeze. The Pizza Maker requires no cleaning and the Pizza Pan seems to be made with this non-stick stuff, so it is really easy to clean with soap and water. So now you are probably wondering, “Does pizza made with this taste better than just cooking pizza in the over?” That is the big question, and it has a yes and no answer. 

I personally think it made most pizzas taste better, but not to the point where it was an extreme difference. Some brands of pizza did taste a lot better and some just tasted the same, but none of the pizza I made with it tasted worse than it did in the oven. Also, some people may argue with me and say, “Well I think all pizzas tasted better with this Pizza Maker!” Well, it is a matter of opinion, and also, I am quite good at cooking pizza in ovens :-) LOL. So, before I conclude my review, I have to talk about one last thing. 

You will notice there are some things you can set on the Pizza Maker. You can change how you want your pizza to be cooked (lower, dual, or upper) and how long you want it to cook for. The knob that lets you specify how long you want your pizza to cook is self explainable (I would refer to the manual or the back of the Pizza Maker for finding out the best time for your type of pizza), but you probably don’t know what the little switch is for. Well, if you set it to “lower” it will cook the pizza from the bottom only, if you set it to “upper” it will cook the pizza from the top only, and if you set it to “dual” it will cook the pizza from the top and bottom. For this, I would also refer to the manual or the little cooking card sheet on the back of the Pizza Maker to find out which setting is best for your type of pizza. However, you may eventually want to mess with the other settings to see what setting makes your pizza taste the best (in your opinion). I personally, have been using the “dual” setting for everything so far. 

So, in conclusion, I do think this is a great product, but if you don’t eat pizza a lot this may not be worth the $50 and up price tag. I also have to say, that this product is more for convenience, over making your pizza taste like Pizza Hut’s or some other place’s pizza (however, it does make the pizza taste better, just not to an extreme degree).

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