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Violence in Video Games
The argument as to whether violence in video games causes aggressive or violent behavior in people has been argued over and over. New studies seem to pop up constantly saying that violent video games do or do not cause such behavior in people, yet no one seems to actually come to a conclusion. Maybe it could be the fact that some of the better research projects dealing with violence and video games used RPG (Role Playing Game) type games, which present players with fantasy violence which you, in most cases, couldn’t relate too well with real life. While the research projects saying violent video games do cause aggression in people tend to be over exaggerated, but use games like the Grand Theft Auto series, which have environments that are more realistic. In the end, it all seems to come down to personal opinions.
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Violence in Video Games
Violence in video games is affecting the minds of children everywhere….NOT. The rant to end all rants about violence in video games.

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